Ucrete HPQ is a heavy duty polyurethane coloured quartz screed

How does Ucrete HPQ work?

Ucrete HPQ is unique HD polyurethane resin technology with an attractive coloured quartz screed finish. Ucrete HPQ provides a robust 4-6mm thick coloured quartz floor finish suitable for applications in wet and dry process environments. 

What is  Ucrete HPQ used for?

It is dense and impervious, providing the ideal floor finish for applications in:

  • pharmaceutical production facilities
  • clean room areas, amenity rooms
  • retail
  • commercial
  • industry environments 
  • wherever an attractive floor is required. 

The high quality epoxy encapsulation resin finish provides for the highest aesthetic standards and ease of cleaning. For areas where higher chemical and temperature resistance is required, the light stable high performance Ucrete TCPU CLEAR is available. 

Product Information

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