​SENERFLEX Coarse Finish


Factory-mixed, 100% acrylic polymer finish coat. SENERFLEX Coarse Finish has a heavy “worm- hole” appearance, which is achieved by the random aggregate sizes in the finish. The “worm-hole” look can be circular, random, vertical or horizontal. (SENERFLEX Coarse Finish is similar to Senergy’s Classic Finish, except for the larger aggregate which creates a larger “worm-hole” texture.)

Primary uses

• Provides an aesthetically pleasing surface colour and texture for the Senergy Wall Systems.

• Can also be utilized as a textured finish for poured concrete or unit masonry, conventional stucco, Senergy Stucco Wall System, Senergy Cement-Board StuccoTM, certain insulating concrete forms, and interior veneer plaster or gypsum board (interior application only).

Production Information


Central Region
+966 11 2790971
Western Region
+966 12 6394799
+966 12 6395702
Eastern Region
+966 13 8084896
South Region
+966 17 2748255


Senerflex Coarse Finish

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