Enershield-I -Air/Water-Resistive Barrier Membrane Class 1 Vapor Retarder

What is Enershield-I?

ENERSHIELD-I is a one-component fluid-applied air/water-resistive barrier that can also function as a Class I vapor retarder1. It is based on Silica Fortified RubberTM chemistry. This water-resistant, resilient membrane may be spray-, roller-, or brush-applied directly to approved above grade wall substrates. It provides excellent secondary moisture protection behind most wall claddings including brick, siding, metal panels, EIFS and stucco. A slipsheet is required for stucco claddings. 

Where can Enershield I be applied?

ENERSHIELD - I can be used over the following exterior wall substrates:

  • Poured concrete/unit masonry
  • Poured concrete/unit masonry treated with
  • Enershield-FIL, ASTM C1177 type sheathings, including DensGlassTM exterior sheathing, eXPTM sheathing, GlasRoc® sheathing, SecurockTM glass-mat sheathing, Weather DefenseTM Platinum sheathing, GreenGlass® sheathing
  • PermaBaseTM cement-board by National Gypsum and other cement-boards (ASTM C1325 Type A Exterior)
  • Untreated Exposure I or exterior plywood sheathing (grade C-D or better)
  • Untreated Exposure I OSB, gypsum sheathing (ASTM C79/ASTM C1396)



ICC-ESR 3310 evaluation reportConfirms compliance with IBC, IRC, and IECC requirements
ABAA evaluatedApproved for projects requiring ABAA specifications and quality assurance
<1% of allowable air leakage per ASTM E2357 Air Leakage of Building
Assemblies test
Meets air tightness requirements defined by ASHRAE 189.1,
ASHRAE 90.1 and ABAA
Meets ASTM D1970 nail sealability requirements with and without
Sheathing Fabric
Self sealing performance
One component, low-VOC formulationEasy to apply, meets VOC requirements in all 50 states
Nonflammable as appliedWorkplace safety
Mineral oil and plasticizer freeWill not dry out or crack due to loss of oil / plasticizer over time
Water basedCleans up with water; solvent and citrus based cleaners not required
Tough, abrasion resistantRugged membrane resists damage after installation
Approved for use with BASF EIFS and stucco systemsFull system warranty, seamless membrane for buildings with multiple claddings
Low temperature performance with LT AdditiveExtends minimum application temperature to 4˚C
180 day outdoor exposure ratingFlexible construction scheduling

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