MasterTop TC 407WAB - A 2K-PU-top coat, antibacterial, water borne, non-solvented, elastic, UV-stable, matt, transparent, low emission, with bacteriostatic properties according to ISO 22196:2007


MasterTop TC 407WAB is a bacteriostatic, water borne, non-solvented, low emission, clear 2K-PU top coat which cure to a matt finish.

Where is MasterTop TC 407WAB applied?

MasterTop TC 407WAB is designed for use as an antibacterial and wear resistant top coat on soft and/or elastic MasterTop polyurethane floor coating systems e.g. MasterTop 1326 AB, MasterTop 1326 REG or MasterTop 1327 D for indoor application, like Health and Care facilities where a high hygiene quality standard is required (operation rooms - OP, intensive care station, emergency admission, premature birth section, patient rooms etc.). 

MasterTop TC 407WAB is designed as flooring and wall systems (MasterTop WS 100 AB, MasterTop WS 200 PU and MasterTop WS 300 PU) suitable product, to offer a complete integrated antibacterial protection envelope.

What are the advantages of MasterTop TC 407WAB?

  • matt finish
  • NMP, APEO, VOC, glycol and solvent free 
  • very low emission (according AgBB) 
  • abrasion resistant 
  • improves scratch and wear resistance 
  • UV- stable 
  • low viscosity 
  • bacteriostatic activity according to ISO 22196:2007 
  • bacteriostatic activity after ageing 
  • bacteriostatic activity after yearly cleaning cycles 
  • friendly to the environment and human people 
  • easy to clean an maintain 
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