MasterTop P 617 - A general purpose, solvent free, two component epoxy resin based primer, suitable to surfaces directly in contact with the ground.


MasterTop P 617 is a solvent free (total solid), low viscosity, two component epoxy resin based primer. 

Where is MasterTop P 617 applied?

MasterTop P 617 is designed for use indoor and outdoor as a primer on mineral substrates such as concrete and cementitious screed. You can use it as scratch primer by adding oven dried silica sand in a proportion of 1:0.5 till 1:2. MasterTop P 617 fulfills the requirements of the relevant directive about the effect of rising humidity. MasterTop P 617 has been tested and classified as low emission in Systems like MasterTop 1325. 

What are the advantages of MasterTop P 617?

  • low viscosity 
  • easy to apply 
  • excellent penetration 
  • seals pores and capillaries 
  • excellent bond to substrate 
  • low emission 

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MasterTop P 617

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