MasterTop Copper Tape - Embossed copper foil


MasterTop Copper Tape consists of an embossed 1-ounce deadsoft copper foil backing and an aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. The edges of the embossed pattern pressed into
the foil cut through the adhesive layer to establish reliable metal-to-metal contact between the backing and the application substrate.

• Embossed deadsoft 1-ounce copper foil backing
• Conductivity “through the adhesive”
• Supplied on a removable liner for easy handling and die-cutting Like all 3M shielding tapes, 3M 1245 is available in standard and custom widths and lengths. Standard length is 18 yards.
• Widths from 1/4” to 23”
• Longer lengths up to several times normal length, dependent upon width. Check with Customer Service.


MasterTop Copper Tape is typically used for applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the application substrate through the adhesive to the foil backing. Common uses include grounding and EMI shielding in equipment, components, shielded rooms, etc. The copper foil backing is solderable and resists oxidation and discoloration. 

Production Information


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Eastern Region
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South Region
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MasterTop Copper Tape

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