MasterTop BC 361 - 2K-PU coating, UV and colour stable, self levelling, pigmented, solvent free, soft and elastic

What is MasterTop BC 361?

MasterTop BC 361 is a colour stable, self levelling and solvent free floor coating based on an aliphatic polyurethane. It is hard wearing and has an easy to maintain surface with a tolerance to a wide range of chemicals. Because of its aliphatic nature, MasterTop BC 361 is UV and colour stable. It can be used wet in wet to produce multi-coloured decorative floors. It will be coated with a colourless topcoat (for example MasterTop TC 407 W) in order to improve the scratch, chemical and mechanical resistance and to remain easy to clean.

Where is MasterTop BC 361 applied?

MasterTop BC 361 forms the basis of the MasterTop 1326 series of decorative floor coating systems which find use in applications such as:

  • Boutiques and shops 
  • Schools and kindergarten 
  • Bars and restaurants 
  • Reception areas 
  • Offices 
  • Hospitals and old people homes 
  • Balconies

What are the advantages of MasterTop BC 361?

  • UV and colour stable 
  • elastic, soft 
  • high degree of walking comfort 
  • sound absorbing 
  • robust 
  • crack bridging 
  • easy to apply 
  • excellent self-levelling properties

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MasterTop BC 361

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