MasterTop 512M - Premixed hard wearing floor topping


A ready to use metallic and non-oxidising mineral aggregate and cementitious product which is applied as a topping onto existing or new concrete slabs as a hard and durable wearing course. At 10-12mm the MasterTop 512 M will afford permanent protection to the floor surface against various industrial chemicals, oils, greases and detergents.


MasterTop 512 M is ideal for use on new or existing concrete slabs where medium and heavy duty traffic is expected and where a non-dusting and durable floor is essential.


• Workshops
• Power stations
• Garages
• Car parks
• Warehouses
• Loading bays
• Factories
• Shipyards
• Aircraft hangars
• Traffic decking (internal & external)
• Helicopter pads


• Premixed and requires only the addition of clean water.
• Can be applied onto new and existing concrete slabs and bays.
• Easily finished by skilled masons or by power float.
• A uniform density and hardness on the surface affords greater impact, abrasion and wear resistance than concrete.
• A non-dusting surface which can be finished as smooth and non-slip.
• Performance of floor is not affected by moisture and standing water.
• Non-oxidising.
• Suitable for internal and external use.

Production Information


Central Region
+966 11 2790971
Western Region
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Eastern Region
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South Region
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MasterTop 512M

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