MasterTop 300M - Premixed dry shake surface floor hardener based on Mineral and metallic aggregate


MasterTop 300 M is a ready to use blend of a mineral and metallic aggregate and cement which is applied as a dry shake to the surface of fresh concrete or screeds.

MasterTop 300 M will provide continuous protection to concrete floors against wear, impact, and abrasion and a high resistance to various industrial chemicals, oils, greases, detergents and hydraulic fluids found in the aviation industry.


MasterTop 300 M is designed to ensure improved durability in applications where the floor is subjected to medium and heavy traffic and where a non-dusting surface is required. It will improve and enhance performance of all concrete floors.


•Power stations
•Car parks
•Loading bays
•Aircraft hangars
•Traffic decking
•Helicopter pads


•Premixed offering factory controlled qualityassurance.
•Applied monolithically to fresh concrete.
•Quick application and finishing results inconsiderable time savings.
•Ease of application.
•Joints can be provided with betterprotection by addition of extra material atedges of bays.
•Wear, abrasion and impact resistance aresuperior to normal concrete.
•Slip-resistant finish can be obtained.
•High impermeability compared to concreteunder the same conditions.
•MasterTop 300 M forms an integral part ofthe floor surface and will not delaminate orpeel.
•For internal and external use.
•Easy to clean.
•Economic installation.
•Maintenance free, long life performance.
Production Information


Central Region
+966 11 2790971
Western Region
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Eastern Region
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South Region
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MasterTop 300M

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