MasterTop 1325 - Seamless, self-smoothing flexible Polyurethane based flooring system


A polyurethane based flooring system for commercial, semi-industrial and institutional applications.
• MasterTop P 650 - Is a high grade, low-viscosity, two-component epoxy resin primer and substrate sealer.
• MasterTop BC 325 N - Is a two component solvent free polyurethane. The tough elastic liquid applied floor covering has excellent sound deadening and fatigue reducing properties.
• MasterTop TC 417W – Is a water borne, non-solvented, low emission, pigmented 2K-PU top coat which cure to a matt finish.
• MasterTop SR 1 - A graded, high purity quartz aggregate with a particle size in the range 0.0 –0.3mm.


As a sound deadening, comfortable flooring system where heavy pedestrian traffic is anticipated i.e. corridors, shower and changing facilities, hospitals, cafeterias and canteens, offices, schools, hotels, shops and supermarkets, leisure and health clubs, multi-purpose halls and public areas.
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MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software

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