Master Top BC 370 AS - Two component solvent-free epoxy based self-levelling anti-static floor coating


MasterTop BC 370AS is a conductive, solventfree pre-filled, pigmented two component epoxy based self levelling coating.


MasterTop BC 370AS is for indoor use where an anti-static floor coating is required.

MasterTop BC 370AS is suitable for applications to mineral substrates such as concrete or cement mortar screeds, primed with MasterTop P 601 and MasterTop CP 687 W-AS (conductive primer). MasterTop BC 370AS resists medium to heavy industrial traffic. It is used in the systems MasterTop 1270AS and MasterTop 1270AS-R.


• conductive floor coating
• exhibits excellent mechanical strength and
antistatic properties
• abrasion resistant
• good adhesion to non-porous substrates
• easy to clean and maintain
• easy to apply
• extremely resistant to a variety of alkalis,
diluted acids, brine, mineral oils, lubricants
and fuels.
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MasterTop BC 370AS

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