MasterTile RSG 705 - A high performance thixotropic epoxy resin for bedding and grouting tiles in heavy duty conditions

How does MasterTile RSG 705 work?

MasterTile RSG 705 is a three component epoxy resin based adhesive and grouting system for paviours, ceramic and acid resistant tiles used in medium and heavy duty corrosive and hygienic environments.

MasterTile RSG 705 is an ideal material to bed and grout tiles in a single operation with one material. It is used wherever a high degree of chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties are required.

What is MasterTile RSG 705 used for?

MasterTile RSG 705 is formulated to be non-absorbent and easy to clean and is suitable for vertical and horizontal applications in both interior and exterior locations.

MasterTile RSG 705 is used in the following applications where hygiene and cleanliness are all critical:

  • Food production: meat, fish, vegetable and fruit processing, canning areas, dairies and bakeries.
  • Industrial kitchens and catering facilities.
  • Electrical substations and plant rooms.
  • Laboratories.
  • Swimming pools and leisure facilities.
  • Heavy duty workshops, garages and services facilities.
  • Bottling plants and breweries.

What are the benefits of MasterTile RSG 705?

MasterTile RSG 705 provides the following advantages:

  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals and acids
  • Impermeable: resistant to staining and absorption when permanently immersed in water.
  • Will not support bacterial growth in kitchens, swimming pools etc.
  • Non-tainting and non-toxic: can be used in most areas where drink and foodstuffs are processed.
  • Excellent adhesion to most commonly encountered building substrates and materials.
  • Water miscible: tools and equipment can be cleaned with water and uncured material can be wiped off tiles with a wet cloth following grouting.

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MasterTile RSG705

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