MasterSeal TC 244 - Two component PUR coating for parking and deck areas


MasterSeal® TC 244 is a solvented two component polyurethane coating which when applied to MASTERTOP epoxy primers or coating systems produces a permanently elastic, wear, abrasion and UV resistant surface. It is available in gloss finish. It can be applied as coating on walls.

Primary Uses

With its excellent elasticity, abrasion and UV resistance MasterSeal TC 244 is suitable for non exposed and exposed applications in parking areas and other locations which include but are not limited to the following:
•Pedestrian walkways
•Car parks
•Vehicle ramps
•Traffic aisles
•External walls
•High abrasion resistance.
•UV resistant
•Bridges dynamic cracks
•Excellent adhesion to primed substrates
•Solar reflective
Production Information

Technical Data Sheet


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MasterSeal TC 244

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