MasterSeal 950 - PVC Waterstop for Compartmentalisation

How does MasterSeal 950 work?

MasterSeal 950 is a compartmentalization waterstop extruded from high grade PVC compound, compatible with the MasterSeal PVC geo-membranes.

What is MasterSeal 950 used for?

MasterSeal 950 is designed to provide a complete sealing network for compartmentalisation in water retaining and water excluding in-situ concrete structures, when used in conjunction with MasterSeal PVC geo-membranes. The profile is supplied in straight lengths to be joined by welding on site.

The use of MasterSeal 950 prevents the passage of water into adjacent compartments in case of leakage.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 950?

Among the numerous advantages of MasterSeal 950 we can find the following:

  • Simple on-site welding.
  • Acts as a stop-end for injection grout when used at location of construction joints
  • Controls and retains leakage at specific locations.

Product Information

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MasterSeal 950

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