MasterSeal 914 - High strength impermeable flowable epoxy mortar

How does MasterSeal 914 work?

MasterSeal 914 is a high performance non-shrink, solvent-free impermeable flowable epoxy mortar for pile cap surfaces, to ensure the proper transmission of static and dynamic loads to the foundations. These properties combined with its impermeability to moisture, make it ideal for pilecap waterproofing applications.

What is MasterSeal 914 used for?

Masterseal 914 has several applications including:

  • Anchors, rails and bolt fixing.
  • Structural filling of holes and cavities in concrete.
  • Suitable for max. 1% sloped areas
  • Bridge bearing seats.
  • Pile cap waterproofing.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 914?

At elevated temperatures, MasterSeal 914 provides excellent resistance to creep, high compressive strength, modulus of elasticity and excellent resistance to cracking. This product also produces a high percentage of bearing surface, and good adhesion to steel and concrete. MasterSeal 914 is chemically stable for temperatures up to 150°C.  

Product Information

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MasterSeal 914

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