MasterSeal 752TDE – A synthetic membrane of TPO

How does MasterSeal 752TDE work?

MasterSeal 752TDE is a synthetic liner of TPO modified polyolefin produced as a softer membrane to aid detailing work.

What are MasterSeal 752TDE typical applications?

MasterSeal 752TDE can be applied in the following circumstances:

  • Exposed roofing laid loose
  • Exposed roofing mechanically fixed
  • Exposed roofing fully bonded
  • Landscaped areas and roof gardens

What are MasterSeal 752TDE main benefits?

MasterSeal 752TDE advantages include the following:

  • It has superior mechanical characteristics and has an extremely high resistance to weathering and ultra violet rays
  • High mechanical properties and resistance to puncturing
  • Rot-proof
  • Resistance to root penetration
  • Good resistance to microbial attack
  • Long life expectancy

Product information

Technical Data Sheet


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MasterSeal 752TDE

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