MasterRoc ABR 5 – Liquid anti-abrasion agent for Hard Rock and EPB Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

Formerly: MEYCO ABR 5

How does MasterRoc ABR 5 work?

MasterRoc ABR 5 is a liquid anti-abrasion agent designed to reduce the abrasive wear to the cutting tools, substantially reduce dust formation during excavation and cutterhead clogging in hard rock and earth pressure balance (EPB) tunnel boring machines (TBM).

What are the unique features of MasterRoc ABR 5?

  • Reduced abrasive wear for cutting tools.
  • Better cooling of the cutterhead, improving the rubber seal durability, and extending the life of the cutter bearing.
  • Improved transfer of the muck from the cutterhead, resulting in reduced risk of blockage, cleaner cutter discs and cutterhead area, making maintenance easier and less time needed to change cutter disc.

How does MasterRoc ABR 5 benefit TBM Contractors?

  • Reduce TBM down time due to less frequent cutter changes, therefore more time available for excavation.
  • Overall cost saving due to higher monthly advance rate and lower maintenance cost.
  • Effectively reduces dust formation, leading to considerably improved working environment for TBM personnel.

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