MasterProtect P 1895 - High performance corrosion resistant vinyl ester primer


MasterProtect P 1895 is a high performance vinyl ester corrosion resistant protective primer for application on concrete and steel substrates. In addition to excellent physical strength, impact and thermal shock resistance MasterProtect P 1895 also exhibits superior resistance to acids, alkalis, hypochlorites and many solvents. MasterProtect P 1895 is roller applied on to the substrate. It can also be used in combination with a heavy duty reinforcing layer of fibreglass cloth to form a protective chemical resistant lining. Supplied as a two-pack pre-catalysed system comprising of vinyl ester resin and a catalysed. It requires only on site mixing producing an easily applied chemically resistant finish.

Ultimate protection is developed within 4 days at room temperature (25oC) and can take longer for temperatures below this.


MasterProtect P 1895 is used to ensure excellent bond strength to concrete and steel as well as secondary protective layer. MasterProtect P 1895 system offers maximum corrosion and temperature resistance protection to concrete and steel structures against acids, alkalis, hypochlorites and solvents.


• Durable
• Service temperature up to 105oC*
• Waterproof and protective
• High chemical resistance
• Exceptional adhesion to concrete and steel
• Pre-catalysed
• Easily applied by brush or roller

Production Information


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MasterProtect P 1895

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