MasterProtect H 1100 - Water repellent impregnation for concrete to protect against the ingress of water and water soluble pollutants

Formerly: Protectosil BHN

How does MasterProtect H 1100 work?

MasterProtect H 1100 is a free-flowing, colourless, solvent–free liquid based on a monomeric alkylalkoxysilane. It is specifically intended for the water – repellent impregnation of mineral construction materials in outdoor areas. 

MasterProtect H 1100 is supplied ready to use. 

What are the advantages of MasterProtecth H 1100?

  • Solvent-free product 
  • Low volatility 
  • Water vapour permeable, colourless impregnation 
  • Non film-forming 
  • Significantly reduces absorption of water and damaging water – borne salts (e.g. chlorides) 
  • Very good penetration 
  • Highly alkali resistant 
  • Stops alkali/silica reactions in concrete 
  • Frost resistant 

Where can MasterProtect be applied?

For the waterproofing of mineral substrates, in particular low-porosity substrates such as: 
  • Concrete (road bridges, port installations and all marine concrete structures, concrete facades, exposed aggregate concrete) 
  • Clinker masonry 
  • Ceramics tiles 
  • As waterproofing under coating systems 

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