MasterProtect 1891 - High build epoxy resin mortar, specifically designed for vertical and overhead applications


MasterProtect 1891 is a three-component solvent free epoxy resin mortar. The specially selected fillers and resins form an easily finished impervious mortar with high build characteristics combined with optimum chemical and mechanical resistance.


Overhead work and vertical surfaces where normal epoxy resin compounds are unsuitable. Wherever effective repair of spalled concrete is required to provide all round protection to reinforcing steel, vertical renders for linings, etc. General repairs, renovation and rendering to: 
• Soffits.
• Undersides of floors, beams, etc.
• Honeycombed or spalled concrete.

Wherever a high build impervious mortar with
excellent chemical resistance and maximum
mechanical properties is required, such as
sewerage works, bridge repairs, manhole linings,
pipes, etc. MasterProtect 1891 is non-toxic and
can be used in potable water installations.


• Light weight.
• Suitable for high build application.
• Suitable for vertical and overhead surfaces,
• Good adhesion and cure under damp
• Excellent chemical resistance.
• Non toxic.
• Extended pot life and working time.
• Low exotherm.
Production Information


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Eastern Region
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MasterProtect 1891

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