MasterProtect 1870 - Phenol Novolac Epoxy Amine cured for top coat


Highly cross-linked 100% solids epoxy coating with exceptional chemical resistance. Can be used as a top coat or body coat for lining system to protect concrete and steel in the waste water treatment, petrochemical industry and for industrial coatings. Can also be applied as an Anti-Slip system.


For the internal protection of concrete or metal tanks containing certain chemicals, oils and fuel particularly in oil refineries, paper mills, power stations, garages, hospitals, sugar refineries, hangars, laboratories, abattoirs and most other liquid containment areas.


• High gloss
• Durable
• Ultra dense surface
• Hygienic and easily cleaned
• Non-toxic
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Solvent free
• High build coating
• Easily applied by brush or roller
• Standard colour: Grey
Production Information


Central Region
+966 11 2790971
Western Region
+966 12 6394799
+966 12 6395702
Eastern Region
+966 13 8084896
South Region
+966 17 2748255


MasterProtect 1870

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