MasterProtect 1810 - Phenol Novolac Epoxy Amine Cured Filler

How does MasterProtect 1810  work?

MasterProtect 1810 is a fast setting, repair compound, ideal for minor concrete repair applications such as pin holes, blow holes & fine surface cracks. 
MasterProtect 1810 is easily worked and can be applied by trowel, spatula or scraper. It cures to give high chemical & mechanical properties typical of Novolac systems. It is resistant to oils, greases, petroleum, salts, many acids and alkalis and most commonly met corrosive media. It does not shrink on curing, and is designed to be used when cured from below freezing point to 60°C. Its impact resistance, and mechanical strength is greater than that of concrete.

Where is MasterProtect 1810 applied?

  • Fine filling resin for use in MasterProtect 1800 series Novolac epoxy systems.
  • Repairing surface defects such as blowholes and pin holes in concrete substrates.
  • Dowel bars anchoring.

What are the advantages of MasterProtect 1810?

  • High strength.
  • Strong adhesion.
  • Impact resistant
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Non shrink.
  • Fast setting.
  • Trowels to a smooth finish.
  • Easy to use

Product Information

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MasterProtect 1810

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