MasterPozzolith RMC 40D- A water-reducing, plasticiser / retarder for concrete

Formerly: Pozzolith LD 40D

How does MasterPozzolith RMC 40D work?

BASF's MasterPozzolith RMC 40D  is a versatile product which can be utilised to maintain workability and effect water reduction throughout a range of concrete mix designs and ambient temperature conditions.

 MasterPozzolith RMC 40D  is a multi-role admixture capable of functioning as a water reducer to enable strength gains, whilst maintaining workability or set retardation.

Where is MasterPozzolith RMC 40D applied?

BASF's MasterPozzolith RMC 40D is used wherever effective workability retention and maximum strengths are required such as:

  • Hot weather concreting where controlled delays to initial set are beneficial.
  • Readymix concrete where workability retention coupled with retardation of initial set are beneficial.
  • In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit.
  • Above or below ground waterproofing where maximum impermeability and watertightness are essential.

What are the advantages of MasterPozzolith RMC 40D?

  • Reduces placing problems in hot weather concreting by improving workability and workability retention.
  • Increases impermeability and durability.
  • Higher early and ultimate strengths.
  • Effective over wide range of cement contents.
  • Improves surface finish, pumpability and trowelling.
  • Enables significant economies in mix designs to be achieved, thereby saving cement.

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