MasterPozzolith 3035 - High performance retarding plasticiser for concrete 

How MasterPozzolith 3035 work?

MasterPozzolith 3035 is a high performance plasticising retarder, beneficial in maintaining workability especially in high ambient temperatures. 

What is MasterPozzolith 3035 used for?

  • In hot weather concreting where delays to initial and final set are important and where maximum slump retention is of concern - such as site batched, pre-cast, and readymixed concretes. 
  • Of particular value for readymixed concrete where high workability retention and retardation are of prime importance. 
  • Hot weather concreting of all types. 
  • Reduction in permeability, reducing effect of groundwater salts on concrete and steel. 
  • To improve cohesion, workability and compactability in concretes using poorly graded/shaped fine aggregates. 

What are the advantages of  MasterPozzolith 3035?

  • Considerably improves the cohesion of concrete, reducing segregation and bleed water. 
  • Of particular use where fine aggregates of poor grading and particle shape are evident. 
  • Reduces placing problems in hot weather by improved workability and workability retention in conjunction with extended setting times. 
  • Improved surface finish. 
  • Improved trowellability. 
  • Reduces honeycombing / cold joint effects. 
  • Improves pumpability of concrete. 
  • Reduces effects of various modes of attack on concrete and embedded steel by considerable reduction in permeability. 

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