MasterPozzolith 20STD - Water reducing plasticiser for concrete

Formerly: Pozzolith Standard

How does MasterPozzolith 20STD work ?

MasterPozzolith 20STD is a powerful plasticiser which deflocculates and disperses the cement particles within a concrete mix. It can be used to improve workability, without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content of the concrete mix. 

What are the advantages of MasterPozzolith 20STD?

  • Significantly improves the workability therefore easing placing. 
  • Improves the cohesive properties of the concrete helping to reduce segregation and bleeding. 
  • Allows water reduction in the region of 10% to be achieved whilst maintaining workability, thereby increasing strength, durability and impermeability. 
  • Of particular benefit in hot climatic conditions when used to extend workability. 
  • Enables economies in mix designs to be achieved thereby saving cement. 

Where can MasterPozzolith 20STD be applied ?

  • In pre-stressed concrete. 
  • In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability is of benefit. 
  • In pre-cast concrete manufacture. 
  • In concrete brick and block manufacture. 
  • Wherever reduced water content would be of benefit to reduce permeability. 
  • In hot weather to extend workability. 

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