MasterLife WP 707 - Low dosage, liquid, integral waterproofer

Formerly: Rheomac 707

How does MasterLife WP 707 work?

MasterLife WP 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to give high water resistance, based upon a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate. Waterproof concrete is the result of good concrete practice coupled with the lowest w/c ratio compatible with achieving full compaction. The use of MasterLife WP 707 enables all these criteria to be met due to its strong plasticising and water reducing properties.

What are the advantages of MasterLife WP 707?

  • Concrete containing MasterLife WP 707 is resistant to water penetration either under conditions of hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption.
  • Durability is increased due to a significant reduction in w/c ratio.
  • Sulphate attack is reduced due to the sulphate bearing ground water being resisted.
  • The cohesive properties of the concrete are improved thus reducing segregation and bleeding.
  • Concrete of similar workability to a control mix produced with MasterLife WP 707, is easier to place.
  • Pumpability of concrete is greatly improved.
  • The surface finish of the concrete is improved.

Where is MasterLife MasterLife WP 707 applied?

MasterLife WP 707 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and precast concrete in exposed superstructures.

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