MasterKure 111 CF

Evaporation retardant and finishing aid

How does MasterKure 111 CF work?

MASTERKURE 111 CF evaporation retardant helps produce high quality, concrete (slab) and reduces surface moisture evaporation. Because MASTERKURE 111 CF retards evaporation, it is especially effective in combating rapid drying conditions (high concrete and / or ambient temperatures, low humidity, high winds, direct sunlight, work in heated interiors during cold weather, etc.).

What is MasterKure 111 CF used for?

  • Concrete surfaces where the evaporation rate exceeds the rate of bleeding of the concrete. 
  • GGBS concrete. 
  • Condensed silica fume concrete. 
  • Concrete containing fly ash. 
  • All BASF cementitious dry shakes.

What are the benefits of MasterKure 111 CF?

  • Reduces surface moisture evaporation approx 80% in wind and about 40% in sunlight. It has no effect on the cement hydration process. Concrete strength (early and ultimate), abrasion resistance and durability are not altered, except for the improvement in overall quality resulting from the control of rapid evaporation. When applying MasterTop surface hardeners under hot and / or windy conditions, the use of MASTERKURE 111 CF is strongly recommended after screeding. Eliminates or reduces crusting, stickiness and underlying sponginess which often cause unevenness and poor surface texture by controlling the evaporation of concrete while waiting between initial finishing and later toweling or power floating. 
  • Reduces and, in many instances, eliminates plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting of flatwork surfaces. Also supplements the recommended practices for hot weather concreting. Under some conditions, properly diluted MASTERKURE 111 CF alone will provide the necessary safeguard against the ill effects of evaporation. 
  • Increases the amount of surface handled per finisher, even under rapid-drying conditions because the surface remains plastic and finishable for a longer time. Thus, work can proceed whereas, without MASTERKURE 111 CF, it might be postponed to avoid finishing problems. MASTERKURE 111 CF is an evaporation retardant monomolecular filming agent the use of which is mentioned in: ACI 305 Hot Weather Concreting ACI 345 Guide for Concrete Highway Bridge Deck Construction ACI 302.1 Guide for Concrete Flooring and Slab Construction

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