MasterFlow 928T - High strength, non-shrink cementitious grout


MasterFlow 928T is a ready to use product inpowder form, which requires only the on-siteaddition of water to produce a non-shrink grout ofpredictable performance.


MasterFlow 928T is formulated for use at anyconsistency from fluid to damp-pack, and may beused with confidence for bedding, grouting andprecision bearing operations such as:
• Gas or steam turbines
• Generators
• Presses
• Crane rails
• Milling machines
• Precast elements
• Anchor bolts
• Suitable for use in bridge bearing applications


• Non shrink.
• Adjustable consistency.
• Proven and predictable performance.
• Excellent workability retention even at high
ambient temperatures.
• High bond strength to steel and concrete.
• Early strength development even at fluid
• Good fatigue and impact resistance.
• Micro silica content enhances strength and
• Impermeable.
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MasterFlow 928T

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MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software

MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software

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