MasterFlow 920 ANS -Epoxy acrylate (styrene-free) resin based high performance anchoring grout

How does MasterFlow 920 ANS work?

MasterFlow 920 ANS is a two component epoxy acrylate resin based high performance anchoring grout. It is a styrene-free system with very low voc content offering very high performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, MasterFlow 920 ANS is having extended gel and cure time for tropical temperatures. 

Where can MasterFlow 920 ANS be applied?

  • Structural applications in cracked and non cracked concrete 
  • Reinforcing & starter bars 
  • Suspended ventilation systems 
  • Safety barriers 
  • Machinery & heavy machinery 
  • Racking 
  • Rolling cranes 

What are the advantages of MasterFlow 920 ANS?

  • Anchors may be placed close to free edges 
  • Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes 
  • Reduced drilling diameters i.e. M20 only requires a 22mm hole and M24 requires only a 26mm hole making it an economical injection system 
  • Variable embedment depths 
  • Ratio of 10:1 

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MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software

MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software

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