MasterFiber 151 - Polypropylene fiber for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products


MasterFiber 151 is a fiber extruded from polyolefin polymers and formed into a flat fiber that can be used in concrete mixes for both spray and cast in-situ applications. The inclusion of fibers in a concrete mix will contribute to improving the durability of concrete by increased crack propagation resistance and by its energy absorption characteristics. The fibers will disperse uniformly throughout the concrete mix and effectively act as an anchoring mechanism within the cement matrix thereby improving the toughness and ductility of the material.

MasterFiber 151 can maximize concrete service life by providing superior resistance to attack from damaging environmental elements such as water, chlorides and corrosive environments such as sewerage conduits and/or saline water.

Where is MasterFiber 151 applied?

Recommended for use in:

  • Wet shotcrete applications in tunneling or

  • mining applications

  • Any subsurface construction

  • Any structure where impact toughness shall

  • Be increased

What are the benefits of MasterFiber 151?

  • Easy to dose either at the batch plant or on

  • site concrete mixer truck prior to application.

  • Only minor impact on flow & slump

  • properties of fresh concrete.

  • High resistance to acid/alkalis attack suitable

  • for use in wet underground conditions and

  • subsurface constructions exposed to damp

  • conditions.

  • Reduces construction time compared to a

  • Solution with conventional reinforcement.

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