MasterBrace ADH 8900 - Single-component polyurethane-based adhesive to bond TPO/FPO and PVC-P membranes

What is MasterBrace ADH 8900?

MasterBrace ADH 8900 is Mono-component adhesive formulated with polyurethane, liquid with medium-low viscosity, moisture-curing, with controlled expansion, specially formulated to bondTPO/FPO and PVC-P membranes coupled to felt.

How does MasterBrace ADH 8900 work?

The adhesive can be spread and levelled using a brush water or another similar tool, considering about 300÷700 gr/mq applied on the whole support surface. On dry supports (also existing bituminous membranes with slates), it’s important to proceed by wetting its using spayed water. After 5/15 minutes (according to the related environmental or support humidity), when the glue starts his reaction of foaming becoming white, it’s possible to proceed by laying the membrane. First curing is after 2-4 hours while maximum adhesion level is obtained within few days. To obtain the better result, use all the quantity contained in one can. 

Product information
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MasterBrace ADH 8900

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