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Full range of solutions to master all your challenges

The BASF Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

BASF Construction Chemicals offers a comprehensive portfolio. Click on the segments below to learn more about the Master Builders Solutions products.

Our Segments and Products

Admixtures for Concrete

MasterAir – Complete solutions for air entrained concrete

MasterCast – Solutions for the manufactured concrete product industry

MasterCell – Density reducing admixtures

MasterEase – Solutions for low viscosity concrete

MasterFiber – Comprehensive solutions for fiber reinforced concrete

MasterFinish – Solutions for formwork treatment

MasterGleniumHyperplasticiser formulated from state-of-the-art polymers for ultimate performance

MasterKure – Solutions for concrete curing

MasterLife – Solutions for enhanced durability

MasterMatrix – Advanced rheology control solutions for self-consolidating concrete

MasterPolyheedHigh-performance superplasticiser utilising latest-generation polymers

MasterPozzolith – Solutions for water-reduced concrete

MasterRheobuildHigh-range superplasticiser for concrete

MasterSet – Solutions for set control

Green Sense Concrete Technology – Optimized mixture program

Performance Flooring Solutions

MasterTop – Solutions for industrial and commercial floors

Ucrete – Flooring solutions for harsh environments

Repair, Protection and Grouting Systems

MasterBrace – Solutions for concrete strengthening

MasterEmaco – Solutions for concrete repair

MasterFlow – Solutions for precision grouting

MasterInject – Solutions for concrete injection

MasterProtect – Solutions for concrete protection

Tiling Solutions

MasterTile – Solutions for tiling systems

Underground Construction Solutions

MasterRoc – Solutions for underground construction

Waterproofing Systems and Sealants

MasterSeal – Solutions for waterproofing and sealing 



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