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MasterTop BC 304

A highly decorative, solvent-free, four component epoxy terrazzo floor screed ... MasterTop BC 304 forms the basis of the MasterTop DTZ flooring system which finds use in applications ...

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MasterTop 548

Fast setting screed mortar – ready blended for fast track cementitious screeds ... • For indoor and outdoor use, also suitable for direct use ... For areas which are exposed to permanent ...

  • pdf, 99.95 Kb

MasterTop 538

Industrial grade self-smoothing cementitious floor overlay ... MasterTop 538 can be laid at thicknesses from 4mm - 40mm when hand applied or 6mm - 40mm when pump applied ...

  • pdf, 78.06 Kb

MasterTop 528

Commercial grade self smoothing cementitious floor underlayment ... MasterTop 528 is a self-smoothing, cementitious, non-structural, floor underlayment for use over poured in-situ and ...

  • pdf, 82.69 Kb

MasterTop 518

MasterTop ® 518 Fast setting site mixed screed mortar – for fast track installation of cementitious screeds FIELDS OF APPLICATION  For indoor and outdoor use, also suitable for ...

  • pdf, 87.63 Kb

MasterTop 512M

Premixed hard wearing floor topping based on metallic & Mineral aggregate ... A ready to use metallic and non-oxidising mineral aggregate and cementitious product which is applied as a ...

  • pdf, 80.03 Kb

MasterTop 512

A ready to use non-metallic and non-oxidising synthetic mineral aggregate and cementitious product which is applied as a topping onto existing or new concrete slabs as a hard and ...

  • pdf, 79.29 Kb

MasterTop 430

Premixed dry shake surface floor hardener ... MasterTop 430 is a ready to use blend of a emery aggregate and cement which is applied as a dry shake to the surface of fresh concrete or ...

  • pdf, 81.10 Kb

MasterTop 330

Premixed industrial floor topping based on hydraulic binder and specially treated metallic aggregates ... Traffic and maintenance areas for tanks and heavy machinery ...

  • pdf, 66.28 Kb

MasterTop 2200

High strength epoxy repair filler for horizontal cracks and minor repairs in concrete substrates ... MasterTop 2200 is an epoxy filler compound ... It is a two component, fine aggregate ...

  • pdf, 85.62 Kb

MasterTop 20

MasterTop 20 is a colourless low viscosity liquid for application to concrete ... It hardens and dustproofs the surface ... Hardening and dustproofing concrete floors or cement-based ...

  • pdf, 74.87 Kb

MasterTop 500

Mortar bonding agent for bonded screeds and cementitious mortars ... Following the appropriate preparation of the substrate, a powerful bond is formed between the cementbased substrate ...

  • pdf, 76.34 Kb

MasterTop 1325AB

A decorative, seamless, self-smoothing, flexible polyurethane flooring system designed to produce a comfortable floor with an even satin-mat finish enhanced with bacteriostatic ...

  • pdf, 91.50 Kb

MasterTop 1325

Seamless, self-smoothing flexible Polyurethane based flooring system ... A polyurethane based flooring system for commercial, semi-industrial and institutional applications ...

  • pdf, 87.25 Kb

MasterTop 1324AS

Polyurethane based anti-static low emission flooring system DESCRIPTION ... MasterTop 1324 AS is a conductive, solvent-free system utilising a polyurethane resin bodycoat ...

  • pdf, 74.76 Kb

MasterTop 1324

Seamless, self-smoothing heavy duty polyurethane based flooring system ... A multi-component, polyurethane based system for the protection of concrete floors subject to high levels of ...

  • pdf, 89.79 Kb

MasterTop 1270 AS

A medium to heavy duty anti-static, self smoothing 1.5-2.0mm epoxy overlay system designed to provide a conductive flooring substrate that eliminates the potential build-up of ...

  • pdf, 78.80 Kb

MasterTop 1240

Multi component epoxy screed and repair compound ... MasterTop 1240 is a multi component epoxy screed system designed to provide durable and abrasion resistant protection for concrete ...

  • pdf, 83.96 Kb

MasterTop 1230

Self smoothing solvent free, epoxy overlay system for concrete floors ... MasterTop 1230 is a single-coloured, self smoothing, solvent free, epoxy overlay system designed to provide ...

  • pdf, 100.08 Kb

MasterTop 1210CP

High-build solvent free epoxy coating system for traffic deck protection ... MasterTop 1210CP is a multi component solvent free epoxy coating system designed for application at a total ...

  • pdf, 79.82 Kb
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