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Borealis Finish

Factory-mixed stone finish consisting of coloured aggregate and mica chips in a 100% acrylic transparent binder ... BOREALIS Finish provides a classic granite or marble-like finished ...

  • pdf, 123.77 Kb

Aurora TC-100 Finish

Factory-mixed stone finish consisting of coloured aggregates in a transparent 100% acrylic binder ... AURORA TC-100 Finish provides a stone-like appearance, either rough or smooth ...

  • pdf, 138.13 Kb

Aurora Stone Finish

Factory-mixed, variegated finish consisting of multi-colored aggregate in a 100% acrylic binder, applied over Senergy TINTED PRIMER ... STONE Finish provides a rough, stone-like ...

  • pdf, 135.29 Kb

Alpha Dry Base Coat

Dry-mix polymer adhesive and base coat containing Portland cement, and requiring only water for mixing ... For use with the Senerflex Wall System to adhere expanded polystyrene ...

  • pdf, 71.55 Kb

MasterTop TC 462

A coloured two component hardwearing, polyurethane coating ... MasterTop TC 462 is a solvented two component polyurethane coating which, when applied to MASTERTOP or MASTERSEAL systems ...

  • pdf, 74.80 Kb

MasterTop TC 444

Line marking coating for traffic decks ... MasterTop TC 444 is a line marking paint based on a mixture of modified alkyds and chlorinated rubber ... Developed to give good adhesion to ...

  • pdf, 74.74 Kb

MasterTop TC 442W

2K-PU-top coat, water borne, non-solvented, elastic, UV-stable, matt, clear or pigmented, low emission ... DESCRIPTION MasterTop TC 442W is a water borne, nonsolvented, low emission ...

  • pdf, 102.65 Kb

MasterTop TC 425

MasterTop TC 425 is a gloss floor sealer for use with MasterTop Terrazzo flooring systems ... • Regular cleaning and re-sealing of the floor with MasterTop TC 425 achieves long finish ...

  • pdf, 71.39 Kb

MasterTop TC 417W

2K-PU-top coat, water borne, non-solvented, elastic, UV-stable, matt, low emission, pigmented ... DESCRIPTION MasterTop TC 417W is a water borne, nonsolvented, low emission, pigmented ...

  • pdf, 88.91 Kb

MasterTop SR

Silica aggregates for use in conjunction with MasterTop and MasterProtect systems ... MasterTop SR aggregates are used with various resin products to produce industrial floors filled ...

  • pdf, 69.59 Kb

MasterTop RM 10

MasterTop RM 10 is a woven glass textile fabric used to reinforce flexible membranes such as MasterTop M 332 ... Easy to handle and to install ... Mesh fabric is woven of pure glass textile ...

  • pdf, 68.72 Kb

MasterTop P 687WAS

A water based 2- component EP conductive primer ... DESCRIPTION MasterTop P 687WAS is a conductive, waterbased, non-solvented, low viscosity, black pigmented 2-component conductive ...

  • pdf, 86.70 Kb

MasterTop P 650

Two-component solvent free epoxy surface sealer and primer ... MasterTop P 650 is used as a sealer or scratch coat with, and without, the addition of quartz sand ... Cured at 7 days @20°C ...

  • pdf, 67.33 Kb

MasterTop P 617

A general purpose, solvent free, two component epoxy resin based primer, suitable to surfaces directly in contact with the ground ... MasterTop P 617 is a solvent free (total solid ...

  • pdf, 92.58 Kb

MasterTop P 615

A solvent free (total solid), sand broadcast free, low emission, two component primer based on epoxy resin under EP- and PUR flooring or for oil contaminated substrates ...

  • pdf, 90.36 Kb

MasterTop P 1240-50

MasterTop P 1240/50 primer is a two component solvent free primer based upon epoxy resins ... It is used to promote the adhesion of new epoxy screeds to existing concrete substrates ...

  • pdf, 73.59 Kb

MasterTop M 332

A solvent free flexible polyurethane epoxy membrane ... MasterTop M 332 crack bridging membrane is recommended for use over concrete to provide a flexible waterproof membrane and as an ...

  • pdf, 70.63 Kb

MasterTop DTZ

Highly decorative seamless epoxy terrazzo floor system ... MasterTop DTZ is a seamless decorative flooring system combining durable pigmented epoxy resin with synthetic and natural ...

  • pdf, 79.91 Kb

MasterTop Copper Tape

MasterTop Copper Tape consists of an embossed 1- ounce deadsoft copper foil backing and an aggressive pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive ... The edges of the embossed pattern pressed ...

  • pdf, 66.93 Kb

MasterTop BC 375NAS

2K-PU coating, pigmented, anti-static, non-solvented, low emission, self-levelling ... MasterTop BC 375NAS is an anti-static, nonsolvented, low emission, pre-filled, 2K-selflevelling ...

  • pdf, 88.69 Kb
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