​Third Saudi Expansion of The Holy Haram

Makkah & Surrounding Areas, Expansion Building, Piazza & Mataf

The largest expansion for Holy Makkah Haram, project started in 2010, and expected to finish in 2020, it designed to have capacity of million Prayers. Concrete quantity poured more than two million cubic meters. This project can be considered as the largest project worldwide based on budget (200 billion Saudi Riyal up to date) and capacity which designed to accommodate by 1 million prayer in the same time with all required utilities and facilities.

Products used:

MasterGlenium SKY 504S
MasterGlenium Sky 506
MasterRheobuild 858M
MasterPozzolith RMC4M
MasterSeal Range
MasterEmaco Range
MasterFlow Range
MasterTop Range
Wabo Range
MasterProtect Range
MasterKure Range

MasterBrace Range

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