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Master Builders Solutions is the BASF global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The brand builds on the strengths of many legacy BASF product brands and represents our experience of more than 100 years in the construction industry.

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Facebook 16/06/2019

Microsynthetic polypropylene (PP) fibers are no longer a commodity. Read more at https://smarturl.it/bpvq50 لم تعد ألياف البولي بروبيلين الاصطناعية سلعة. برجاء الضغط على الرابط الاعلى لمزيد من ...

Facebook 11/06/2019

#MasterFlow 928HF and MasterFlow 980HF – Non-shrink, hydrogen free cementitious precision grouts. Read more at https://smarturl.it/r3f2ht #ماسترفلو 928HF و ماسترفلو 980HF - جروت اسمنتي دقيق لا ...

Facebook 02/06/2019

We wish you a Happy Eid! نتمنى لكم عيداً سعيداً #MasterBuildersSolutions #ماستر_بيلدرز_سولوشنز #BASF #بي_اي_إس_إف

Facebook 30/05/2019

#BASF celebrates joyous Iftar with most valued customers. Read more at https://smarturl.it/xvaixc #بي_اي_إس_إف تحتفل بالإفطار الفرح مع العملاء الكرام. برجاء الضغط على الرابط الاعلى لمزيد من ...

Facebook 29/05/2019

#MasterBuildersSolutions by #BASF launches #MyConcrete app - A new mobile app designed to help concrete producers to produce higher quality concrete. Read more at ...

Facebook 26/05/2019

We recently conducted two in-depth training session at our Regional Training Centre in Dubai for the technical sales team of our long term Authorised Distributor in Kuwait, Arabi Company. Read ...

News 21/05/2019

BASF launches MyConcrete app for instant access to concrete information

Facebook 19/05/2019

New brochure and new packaging, labelling (20L) of #MasterCast 141 supports relaunch of SBR Latex mortar and screed waterproofer and improver especially for #BASF’s growing network of ...

Facebook 12/05/2019

#BASF took part in the recent Sustainability Exhibition arranged by Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) in UAE. Read more at http://smarturl.it/65gcc0 شاركت #بي_اي_إس_إف في معرض ...

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We wish you a blessed Ramadan! نتمنى لكم رمضان كريم #MasterBuildersSolutions #ماستر_بيلدرز_سولوشنز #BASF #بي_اي_إس_إف

Facebook 29/04/2019

#MasterSeal 550 White receives new certification for light reflectivity index by Dubai Central Lab reduces heat gain on exposed roofs. Read more at http://smarturl.it/kycgao #ماسترسيل 550 الابيض ...

Facebook 23/04/2019

Internationally approved and tested #MasterFlame Passive firestop systems to save lives and property from fire is now approved by General Department of Civil Defense in Sharjah, Ministry of ...

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